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Update Your Resume

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You have a new experience to add to your resume. To keep your resume recent, add the following:

  • The internship site and job title (“Intern”) in your list of work experience(s)
  • Your internship supervisor’s name and contact information (if you are listing references on your resume)
  • New job skills and transferable skills

Refer to the handout Updating Your Resume: Facts and Tips as you make your updates.

Teacher Notes

If students do not have computer access during this seminar, they should make their changes in writing in preparation for entering them electronically.

Remind them that an updated resume is an item on the Final Checklist and must be submitted as part of their grade in the course People continue to update their resumes throughout their working lives.

Finally, give students time to make revisions to their resumes. Circulate and work individually with students who need your help. Or, have students revise their resumes at home or use the computer labs after class time.

Assessment Notes

Updated resume

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