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Writing a Thank You Letter

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“The practice and art of writing letters is dying; for most of us it   may  already  be  dead.  Email  has  taken  over.  Written communication in our daily lives now is made up of snippets of  prose stored on our electronic desktops. While this has advantages   –   speed   of   response,   ability   to    forward documents,  and  spontaneity  of  composing  –  there   are disadvantages, too.  Gone,  usually,  are  the  long  rambling missives about our lives and work; gone is the thoughtful response, re-­‐read many times. Gone, too is a physical entity that we looked forward to when we approached our mailbox, a  physical object that – for some of us – has importance beyond the duration of our lives.”

--Jim Carmin, The Oregonian

Part of concluding an internship is writing a thank you letter to your supervisor. Review the Writing a Thank You Letter handout. Think about what you will write to your supervisor and draft your thank you letter.  Proofread and/or have it peer reviewed and revise your letter.  Make copies of the final letters—and turn in a copy to your teacher, either printed or digitally—before you mail or hand-­deliver your letter.

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Thank You Letter


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