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Requesting Letters of Recommendation Activity

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You should ask your supervisor for a personal recommendation.

Refer to the handout Tips for Letters of Recommendation.

Teacher Notes

Explain why it’s important to ask for a general letter of recommendation, rather than waiting months or years from now when they may be applying for an actual job and need a recommendation. (It’s best to ask while you are fresh in your supervisor’s mind, and in case the person moves on and you cannot locate him or her later when a letter is needed.)

  • Ask for a volunteer to role-­play with you the process of asking for a letter of recommendation. Afterwards, have the class comment and give suggestions for other ways this could have been done.

  • Tell students to request the letter before their final internship day.

  • You may also want to tell students that YOU will write them a letter of recommendation as well—because you are so proud of their hard work.

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